About me
My name is Daniel. I'm a software architect and football fanatic from Germany. As a kid, every Monday, I used to transcribe the newspaper shorttype-reports of Eintracht Frankfurt on a typewriter. Pretty useless but it was fun for whatever reason.
Today I'm addicted to questioning football statistics I come across in the media. So when a commentary mentions the home team "did not score for 23 matches in a row", I can't help myself but challenge that like
  • is this true at all?
  • if so, is it reflected by the odds?
  • does that include cups and/or international encounters?
  • who did they score against 24 matches back then?
  • is there any other team with a similar streak?
Even though there are tons of soccer websites out there, I couldn't find one that met my exact requirements and ideas to support me well in answering these questions quickly.
About native-stats.org
So I started to built native-stats.org, which tries to offer a clean - native - UI to flexible aggregation views. For instance all common football sites offer the 5 (or 10) match summary, while none allows you to toggle it to a 4 or 6 match summary.
If you are a developer like me, you'll also appreciate that all aggregations are natively accessible via RESTful API (just add "api" as subdomain and see JSON instead of HTML). This way the platform offers the most basic and thus flexible way of generating your own views, graphs, fact-tickers or the like.
native-stats is built using modern web technologies and sits on top of the data of football-data.org.
The platform is evolving since somewhen in 2019. During my x-mas vacation 2020/21 I added some efforts to make it available for public use. As of now (Jan 2020) it's still in a very early beta-stage, but I hope some people will (already) find it useful.